To current P&C Members and proposed new members (2020)
(Please note:  you may receive multiple copies of this email if you are a current member and are a proposed new member)

The result of the previous ballot was for us to proceed to a digital AGM.  Thank you to all current members who participated.

Following member approval to proceed with the AGM the timing for the procedures follows.

Voting will be one vote per registered email address.

This may cause a problem if multiple members in the same household share the same email address. 

If this impacts your ability to vote for the proposed AGM process please advise the President by email to: [email protected] as soon as possible. Procedures to address this will be provided to those who notify us of this situation.

The technology platform is to be confirmed in the next week.

Process to conduct an online AGM   


Key Milestone Event 


June 2nd 

Call for nominations due 8th June



Closing date of P&C membership applications for AGM will be 2 weeks prior of the P&C AGM.

Closes 8th June  

  • Applicants will be verified for eligibility for membership 
  • Unverified applicants will NOT be:
    • eligible to vote; and
    • become members until verification process is completed

June 2nd 

Call for nominations due 8th June


Closes 8th JUNE

Executive nominations, including submission of a candidate’s statement (250-word limit) will be issued 1 week prior to AGM meeting.

June 8th 



June 8th 



June 15th 

Statements released

Candidates Statements will be released 1 week days prior to AGM.

Note this will be available for all potential candidates.

All potential members must have adequate time to review all statements. – i.e. all applications received.

June 22nd


At 5:00pm on the day of the AGM, online electronic voting will be opened for Executive Position elections for voting by eligible members. This online voting will close during the AGM



Eligible Members with a conflict of interest are not permitted to vote for Executive Positions (this includes P&C employees)

June 22nd 

AGM timing


7:00PM. AGM Opens for Agenda and meeting procedures – includes finalisation of voting


7:15PM. Voting closes for all positions and acceptance of members


7:20PM. Membership confirmed


7:30PM. Voting results declared. 

Note: only eligible members can be elected



Technical instructions to participate in the AGM will be distributed via email.. We are investigating three forms of online video conferencing to ensure suitability to facilitate an AGM.

We are currently favouring the use of Survey Monkey for the voting process.

The voting for the AGM exec positions may have several sections that need voting responses.


Voting for positions will be as per the below table:






Select only one candidate

Vice President


Select up to three candidates*



Select only one candidate



Select only one candidate

Representative P&C Qld


Select up to two candidates*


*Where multiple positions are available you may vote from either none to the maximum number of positions available, E.g. for VP you may vote for either 0,1,2 or 3 candidates.

Should a candidate run for multiple positions (e.g. President, Treasurer and Vice-President) is successful at an earlier position all votes for the subsequent positions will be discounted. Members having voting for this candidate for subsequent positions will not have an opportunity to recast that vote.

Candidates may elect to submit a statement of up to 250 words in support of their nomination.

Eligible Members: 

Eligible members are either a parent/guardian of a child attending the school or a person with a genuine interest in the P&C that is a current blue card. This must be verified before a person can be considered for membership. Please note the deadline for submissions June 8th to allow  verification to take place before the meeting.  Unverified members will not be eligible to vote or be admitted as a member until verified.

A list of nominations for members will be issued prior to the AGM. 

Following the President’s report all memberships lapse (except for the Principal and P&C life members). The applications for membership are now received and each individual application is either accepted or rejected by eligible members. This process will also be an online process.