Application for TGSHS P&C Membership

I apply for membership in The Gap State High School P&C Association and I undertake to:

  • promote the interests of and facilitate the development and further improvement of the School and the good order and management of the School;  and
  • comply with the constitution of the P&C Association, including the P&C Association Code of Conduct as specified in Schedule 2 of the constitution, and any valid resolutions passed by the Association.

If a person has been convicted of an indictable offence, it is grounds for removal in accordance with the Education (General Provision) Act 2006.

By completing and submitting this form, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions above, and that you confirm all of the details provided are true and correct.

If you are not a parent or guardian of an enrolled student at this school, you are required to hold a valid Blue Card. A completed “Link to This Organisation” form must be submitted together with a copy of the back and front of your valid Blue Card.  More information can be found on the P&C Qld website  All valid Blue Cards and Exemption Cards will be validated before membership is confirmed.

An Exemption Card is required for Queensland registered teachers and Queensland Police Service officers who are a paid employee, volunteer or student and need to apply for an exemption card.  Please complete this and submit together with a copy of the back and front of your valid Blue Card.  While these forms state that they expire 31 March 2020, you can continue using them until the new ones are available. 

Please complete and submit the form below.