Financial Hardship Assistance Policy for Representative School Students  

Applications for financial hardship assistance can be made to the P&C for individual students who have been selected as representatives at regional, state, national or international level in sporting, cultural or academic events emanating from recognised school supported competitions and/or activities 

The aim of the financial support is to provide funding assistance from The P&C to families/students that would not be otherwise able to participate in the activity.  To be eligible for this Financial Hardship Assistance, students and/or their family or caregiver need to demonstrate financial hardship by attaching a copy of a current Low-Income Healthcare Card; a Concession Card or Foster Healthcare Card.  Other criteria where you don’t meet the above, could include:  family illness; or alteration to financial circumstances. 

The application is sent to the relevant sub-committee of the P&C (e.g., POPARTS or SHAPE) or where applicable or directly to the Secretary of the P&C for action.  

 The P&C may contribute towards the costs at a rate of:  

  • $100 for local (within 200km of Brisbane eg. Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba) 
  • $200 for the remainder of the eastern seaboard; Cairns to Melbourne includes Canberra.  
  • $400 for the rest of Australia; TAS, SA, WA, NT  
  • $600 for overseas (Passport).  

 Applications can be submitted before or within 8 weeks after the student has attended the event and all requests are subject to approval by the P&C with an absolute maximum of $600 per eligible student per calendar year, and up to an annual P&C budget of $5000.00. 

After the event the student agrees to provide a written report (200 words) to the P&C informing them of the student’s performance at the competition.