Q. How do I join The Gap State High School P&C Association (P&C)?
A. Complete the Application for P&C Membership and return to the P&C secretary, the school office or email info@tgshspandc.org.au

Q. I’m a P&C employee. Can I join the P&C?
A. Yes. However, when voting, P&C employees are reminded that in the event of a conflict of interest, they may not be able to vote.

Q. Do I have to attend a P&C meeting to apply for membership?
A. Yes, if it’s a General Meeting, you must attend the meeting at which you wish your application to be considered UNLESS there are exceptional circumstances, which can be advised in writing. BUT if you are applying for membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), you do NOT need to attend the AGM.

Q. I was a member of the P&C last year. Do I need to apply again?
A. Yes, membership forms must be completed EVERY year for ALL members except P&C Honorary Life Members.

Q. Can I attend a general meeting and vote at that same meeting?
A. No. A membership application form can be submitted prior to the commencement of ANY general meeting. The membership will be processed as the last item on the agenda at that meeting. Once the membership has been accepted, the new member will be able to vote at future P&C meetings.

Q. Can I attend an AGM meeting and vote at that same meeting?
A. Yes